Monday, August 13, 2012

Is It Possible to Win the Battle Against the Humble Germ? (Part 2)

In our previous article, we postured that by using strong Chemical cleaners, they may help us to eradicate Germs.
Many of us believe there is a probability that we are becoming sick because we are being exposed to, and contracting these infections, due to ingesting harmful Germs and bugs. Our Doctors are convinced that these Germs are the primary causative factor for many of our common health issues.
This article continues to explore the possibility of our hope to win the battle of the bugs.
Search and destroy
We are engaged in a quest to remove all vestiges of Germs and bugs from every corner of our domiciles. We should pay attention to the Retailers who sell the powerful Cleaning products to u. We should also believe what the Manufacturers Tell us about their Chemical Cleaning supplies; (our erstwhile allies). Should we trust in their propaganda; and diligently stock up on every conceivable cleaning product and pest exterminator that they have made available for us on the Supermarket shelves?.
Chemical weapons?
When we are in possession of their chemical weapons of mass destruction; we are empowered to seek out and destroy the objects of our disaffection easily and conveniently. As we walk down the Supermarket aisles; we can hear that familiar jingle resonating in our ear; "I'm Louie the fly; Louie the fly; straight from rubbish tip to you." This friendly old Jingle, reassures us that we are doing the right thing; (or so we tell ourselves). Stocking up, and using such products like this, makes us feel good too. Have we not done our bit to protect our family's from those horrible bugs?
Filthy critters
They leave their tell tale marks on our windows; our furniture; and worse still; even in our kitchens, The mere thought of their trails being deposited all over our food stuffs and possessions, is enough to make one feel queasy.
We have declared war on everything that is disgusting, and proclaim their doom! The decision is made; they must not be allowed to exist. Cockroaches, silverfish, or other creepy crawlies, will no longer be permitted to roam free around our homes. Let it be known; for us to be victorious, we must remain vigilant. Never let your defences down for a second; otherwise the bugs will surely gain the upper hand.
House cleaners who know what to do.
We know that only the strongest prevail; and so we must therefore utilise the most powerful of chemical cleaners. Using these products will ensure that all of the surfaces in and around our home are washed down perfectly, destroying all of these pests in their wake! If we can afford them; we should insist on engaging knowledgeable Domestic House Cleaners.
They must be Cleaners who know what cleaning products to use.They should carry the strongest chemicals in their cleaning supplies kit!
Cleaning supplies that pack a punch!
No stone must be left unturned, as we inspect every corner of our home, so as to ensure that all surfaces; (which may harbour those nasties we are so concerned about). We must sanitise, disinfect, and cleanse every dark crevice from all grime and residue, We cannot rest, until we have sprayed, scrubbed, and meticulously cleaned everywhere in our homes. It is only at this point, that we may be certain we have destroyed all ofthe Germs.
Can we now begin to reassure ourselves that we are winning the battle of the bugs?
Is this a phony war?
Unfortunately, we may have to eventually concede that we are trying to win an unwinnable war. Do you mean to tell me we may falter; and that we are failing, in spite of a steely resolve to get rid of household Germs and pests?
But we possess the strongest chemical cleaners and sprays don't we? Are you suggesting that success over the bugs is not imminent? Well; it is you who will determine if you really believe in your heart of hearts, that winning such a war against an invisible, elusive and tricky enemy makes sense or not.
The evidence
Think for a moment; have you not noticed that you and your loved ones still continue to fall ill on a regular basis? Is it possible/inevitable, that despite your best efforts to erradicaste these bugs; that they will prevail; and your family will continue to succumb to them?
In our third and final article; we explore the ultimate answer to the question; Is this "Bug fight;" a futile exercise?

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